Since 1998


HISTORY OF Power Distributing


It begins!

Just over 100 years ago, eighth-grade drop-out Michael Romano began working as an office boy at a small local liquor and wine distributor in the “Little Italy” village of Chicago. Due to his hard work, passion and leadership, this local distributorship would eventually become Romano Bros. Beverage Co. and distribute such iconic brands as Jack Daniels, Bacardi and Gallo wines.


Red Bull

In 1998, Romano Bros. started a new division that would focus on a new brand called Red Bull within the new beverage category of Energy Drinks. After some modest growth over the next two years, the Romano family decided to start a new stand-alone company in Elmhurst (IL) called Power Distributing.


family owned

Today, Power Distributing is still Romano family-owned and still only sells the one brand: Red Bull. In 20-plus years, Power Distributing has seen tremendous growth in every single way. Power Distributing has seen our state coverage increase by three times as we are now servicing Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Power has experienced an increase in warehouses by five times as there are distribution centers operating in Elmhurst (IL), South Holland (IL), Peoria (IL), South Bend (IN) and Kalamazoo (MI). Power Distributing head count has increased 18 times as we now have over 175 employees; our fleet size has grown 20 times; and our sales have risen 40 times as Power Distributing sells over 4,000,000 cases of Red Bull annually.