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Power Distributing is the premier distributor for Red Bull beverage products for Northern Illinois, Indiana & Southwest Michigan. We do more than distribute the world's number one energy drink. We build relationships with our retail customers by offering competitive programs that help maximize their profits and grow their business.

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Providing Opportunities Within Everyone's Reach

Our name is our philosophy and embodies our mission to serve our Customers, Associates, Red Bull and Environment. Delivering Red Bull is what we do. And our philosophy is our Power.

Our History

Power Distributing LLC is the distributor of Red Bull energy drinks servicing the greater Chicagoland, Rockford, Peoria, Northern Indiana & Southwest Michigan areas. Since its founding in 2000, Power has grown to become one of the largest Red Bull distributors in the United States due to our ability to increase Red Bull's market share within all of our sales territories. We are a sales driven company where everyone has the opportunity to make substantial contributions to the Red Bull brand. You will be a part of a demanding and professional sales culture where initiative and perseverance are recognized and rewarded. Power Distributing has been successful directly due to the quality of our staff. We hire individuals that have a proven record of achievement and not only possess tremendous potential as sales representatives, but also show strong leadership potential. Our track record of developing talented salespeople into managers in both Sales and Marketing has earned us the recognition as one of Red Bull’s most valued distributors in their entire sales network.

Power Distributing LLC is proud of our relationship with Red Bull and also of all the people that have worked their way from within our organization into careers with Red Bull North America. We strongly support and encourage our employees to advance their career opportunities and experience all facets of the consumer products industry at Red Bull. All individuals are given the opportunity to participate in one of the most intensive sales development programs in the energy drink business. As your career progresses here, you will further develop an increasing expertise in people skills, pricing strategies, consumer product shifts, creative marketing and new product development.

The only constant in the energy drink business is change. New products are constantly introduced in the hope of increasing market share, subsequently; new marketing ideas are tested so that profitability within the segment may be maximized throughout. All of this while keeping mindful of economic, pricing and marketing factors which affect our customer base, Red Bull North America and Power Distributing LLC. Management at Power works directly with Red Bull management to keep abreast of any and all issues which influence the energy beverage market. The typical characteristics demonstrated by successful sales people include:

  • CHARACTER to lead and motivate others to ‘make things happen’ in the market.
  • BUSINESS ACUMEN to identify opportunity, overcome objections and produce results.
  • COMMITMENT to achieve goals and success in a highly competitive environment.


If you possess these attributes, then a career at Power Distributing LLC may be the perfect opportunity for you. Power Distributing LLC is committed to training you to sell aggressively and professionally. You will not simply be an order taker. You will be a sales consultant to your customers and are expected to develop creative ideas and solutions designed to increase your customers’ overall business and profit.

We highly encourage our people to take pride in their sales accounts and to always be mindful everything from the transport of our products to the endpoint delivery and how Red Bull energy drink is presented to the buying public. Maintenance and expansion of your territory and record of service are key factors in management’s evaluation of your contribution and commitment to Power Distributing LLC.

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